When creating clients their customized presentation, SwagWear uses a cutting edge, cloud based platform that allows us to show the swag in multiple layouts:  List View or Gallery View

Since the presentations are dynamic, we can add/remove items in real-time and all you would need to do is simply refresh your browser.  No more endless emails with word docs or pdf’s attached.  You will also have the ability to send us comments directly from each item that automatically hits our teams inboxes.

Let’s get to work!

List view presentation

OPTION #2:  The List View Presentation

This style gives you all of the details on one single page.  Simply scroll down to see the additional swag we included in your presentation.  You can also send us comments directly from this page on any item(s) that you might be interested in as well.

Sample List Presentation

Client swag shop

The Client Swag Shops are just another example of what sets SwagWear apart from other promo companies.  While the Client Swag Shops might first appear to be like the Gallery Presentation, they actually function much differently.  We can create your own Company Shop where employees or clients can order your customized swag by adding any item into their cart and going through the check-out process.  There are a variety of ways these shops can be built so let’s talk and figure out which might best suit your needs.

Sample Swag Shop