Asobu® Frosty Drink Insulated Bottle Holder


Double wall vacuum insulated tumbler.

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You take a bottle of soda, energy sport drink or even water from the refrigerator and how are you going to keep it cold when you go out? The Frosty Drink Bottle 2 Go is the answer. The bottle will keep your drink cool all day, and everywhere you go, whether it is a soda bottle to the park, water bottle while running or a Powerade® bottle to the gym while you work out. And it works for cans as well. Simply insert your favourite cold beverage plastic bottle or can into the insulated holder. The copper lined, double walled, 18/8 stainless steel will keep it cold for hours. The inner compartment fits almost all popular bottles and cans available today. It fits all Pepsi® and Coca Cola® products and other leading sold bottles and cans as well as Gatorade® and Powerade® sport drink bottles.

Asobu® Frosty Drink Insulated Bottle Holder

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