BURNOUT™ Temperature Regulating Travel Mug


Temperature regulating travel mug.

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BURNOUT™ Temperature regulating travel mug. BURNOUT’s Drink Now Technology™ quickly transfers & stores the heat from the coffee, allowing you to drink your coffee almost immediately, without waiting. Then, it uses this stored heat to keep your coffee at that optimal drinking temperature for hours! No more “lip dance,” burned mouth or reheating your coffee. With BURNOUT, your coffee is brought to optimal drinking temperature inside of just minutes, so you won’t need to test it. And, because BURNOUT keeps the coffee temperature consistently in the drinkability zone for several hours, you’ll never be forced to drink it lukewarm or reheat it. BURNOUT™ has no batteries or electronics. Because it is powered by science, it remains consistently reliable. Each mug is marked with a unique serial ID.

BURNOUT™ Temperature Regulating Travel Mug

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