Swag Done Right

Welcome to your SWAG DISTRIBUTION Online Portal

Easily manage and distribute all of your swag from one central portal. Simply login, check your inventory and ship your swag to anyone, anytime, anyplace. It's that simple!

Store and Ship Swag

We offer a wide array of services aimed at simplifying your swag experience

Order online and we’ll fulfill

Once your order is placed, our team will pull and package your swag.

Check your inventory anytime

You will have complete access to your swag inventory from all of your devices.

Leave the packaging to us

No need to pack yourself anymore. Just let us know which swag to pack and where to ship and our team will do the heavy lifting.

Distribute anytime, anyplace

We can easily send to one address or many addresses at once. Need it sent overnight? No problem!

Save Money

Order in large quantities to take advantage of price breaks and no longer worry about where to store your swag.

Intuitive Dashboard

With an easy to use dashboard, you can check your inventory anytime, anyplace and restock when needed.

Discounted Shipping

SwagWear receives discounted shipping costs, allowing us to pass along savings to you.

Blazing Fast

Once your swag is in inventory, you can pull from it immediately - eliminating the time it takes to produce new items.

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