Our Story

We believe in the magic of an idea.

With SwagWear, products are transformed into memorable brand experiences. For some clients, that means providing something immediately useful, like the perfect journal and pen or eco-friendly water bottle. For others, it can be a fully customized swag pack that can include anything from apparel and mugs to backpacks and technology. Regardless of the size or scope of the project, the goal is always the same:  pay attention to detail, present quality ideas and put a smile on your recipients face! Whatever you’re looking for, we can make it happen.

Adding your logo or custom design to any promotional product should always be an exciting experience.  Our job is to make sure our team presents you with high-quality swag people will actually want to wear and keep.  We accomplish this by ordering countless samples to feel, wear and use.  Those that past the Swag Test, are then added to our carefully curated collection that you will find on SwagWear.com.

Client’s Come First.

We put the hard work in so you can rest easy knowing we have your success at heart. Our team goes above and beyond to meet deadlines, find solutions to complex challenges, and deliver results that surpass expectations.

Relationships Matter.

Projects come and go, but relationships are timeless. We take the time to get to know our clients’ that transcends just swag. Our secret? Listen first, respond next, and over deliver every time.

Quality with Integrity.

We stand by our word and if we say it can be done, we intend to make it happen. This commitment to integrity and honesty is part of the reason our clients return to us time and again.

“These guys are fun, colorful, creative and great to work with but always professional.  They listen to my needs and are always willing to give an honest opinion to ensure our swag always turns out perfect!”

Kelly B.
Creative Strategy @ Spotify

“The Team @ SwagWear takes the time to learn about our objectives and budget (on every project) then gets to work putting together quality ideas that always exceed our expectations.”

Otis W., MBA, MHA, CMP
Executive Director @ WebMD

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